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Thai Peanut Noodles

So it’s a really uncomfortable truth for many, but one of the biggest contributions you make to the planet is to change the way you eat. To be even more specific, by drastically scaling back the amount of meat you eat, if not cutting… Continue Reading “Thai Peanut Noodles”

Break bread with me

Let’s talk bread. It’s delicious, obvs, and my family probably eats too much of it. Ever since I learned about Glyphosate being used on a disturbingly large amount of America’s wheat, and by default most commercially available breads, I have been *very* watchful about… Continue Reading “Break bread with me”

Let’s Talk Laundry

There are so many easy ways to “green” your laundry! And yet again, they are easy AND less expensive than our current conventional methods. Let’s start with clothes dryers. They are super convenient, but they are AWFUL for the environment. “If all households with… Continue Reading “Let’s Talk Laundry”

Clean Energy without Solar Panels

There are no end of easy switches around the house that you can make to “green” your life… BUT the best way to be more green is to tackle the big stuff, your biggest source of carbon emissions. For nearly everyone this boils down… Continue Reading “Clean Energy without Solar Panels”

Aquafaba Mayo for the win!

Necessity is the mother of invention. In the midst of this pandemic, and it’s ensuing food shortages, I found myself without Vegan mayo the other day. A travesty I know. One thing I do always have on hand is multiple cans of garbanzo beans.… Continue Reading “Aquafaba Mayo for the win!”

Are you STILL using paper towels? That’s *so* last year…

I have been meaning to start this blog for some time now but never could find the time. I suppose that is the silver lining of this whole Corona Virus mess we find ourselves in. Most of us have loads more time at home,… Continue Reading “Are you STILL using paper towels? That’s *so* last year…”

Granite & Stone Cleaner Spray

I really wanted my first actual “Green” post to be about the big stuff- you know, like how to tackle the most important thing first, your biggest source of carbon emissions. BUT, as scared as I am to do this, I would like to… Continue Reading “Granite & Stone Cleaner Spray”

First Blog Post! Woot Woot!

Well, shit! Here goes my first blog post. Bear with me as I learn to drive this thing called WordPress and my numerous grammatical errors! My real mission with this blog is to make switching to a greener lifestyle something that is more sustainable,… Continue Reading “First Blog Post! Woot Woot!”